What marketing strategies should MCM use to maximize its sales

anj" What marketing strategies should certainly MCM use to increase the sales”

Research Pitch

Mahadeo Organic cotton Mills (MCM) is a maker & vendre of fabrics, mans apparel, suitings, hosiery & TR suiting. Late Shri Damodar ji Mansinghka set up this weaving textile industry in Bhilwara in 1944. Its key export markets are Midsection East, South/West Europe, Carribbean, East Europe, East Asia, and North Europe & Indian Subcontinent. MCM is very well known maker for its different & impressive designs of meeting. Although company's profits are increased in last 68 years. Now company is planning to grow the business due to tough competition in textile development and the supervision is also pondering to apply new marketing strategies with existing ways of raise their sales. " What sales strategies should MCM use to increase its sales”

Theoretical Background

Research pitch is began with mugging up distinct marketing strategies that have been apt intended for the MCM's strategies for advertising. It also examines the current marketing strategies of MCM which are already being used. Soon after analyses of the new marketing plans which company could possibly be planning to apply in future. Focus of research is in effects of new marketing strategies upon sales of MCM.


1 . ) Getting books and websites to find out about distinct marketing strategies 2 . ) Interview of Mister. Ashish Mansinghka the movie director of MCM 3. ) Interview of Mr. Rajendra Kumar Katyal (The Technological Manager of MCM) 4. ) Analysis of present marketing strategy of company by a diagram. your five. ) Evaluation of new marketing plans that firm wants to apply with the help of a graph.


It absolutely was too hard to know the sales strategies of competitive companies because nobody was ready to discuss about their sales strategies due to lots of competition. POA (PLAN OF ACTION)

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1 . Business Summary

2 . Introduction

3. Methodology

four. Main results

5. Research

6. Realization

7. Bibliography

Executive Summary

Mahadeo Organic cotton Mills (MCM) is a maker and exporter of fabrics, mans wears suiting's, under garments and TR suiting. It is located in Bhilwara city which is very recognized for national & international textile market in the production of suiting & shirting. At the start company developed the same merchandise as competitors but down the line it began production of numerous designs of fabric which transform its neighborhood market into national and now in intercontinental market. In initial stage company used moderate prices to enter in national market. Then business appointed authorities who suggested to produce diverse designs of goods other than rival which was an excellent decision of management since it changed provider's national industry into intercontinental market. This decision was economically successful for organization too. Now Bhilwara has become a textile hub so it is necessary for company to utilize some new marketing plans to face lots of competition and to expand the business to enhance its product sales and market share in countrywide market. The strategies recognise the business wants to apply will really extremely beneficial regarding economically, they may bring a major change in industry�s turnover and will get a assured position in best 20 companies of Bhilwara.


Past due shri Damodarji Mansinghka founded a small level textile stock " Mahadeo Cotton Mills” in the year 1944 in Bhilwara city which is known for...

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Organization Studies textbook for course XII CBSE by Poonam Gandhi.

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