The Catcher in the Rye is Not only a Bildungsroman

The Catcher inside the Rye is Not a Bildungsroman

Liselotte Teuthof

Mrs. Brandt


May 14/2014

A bildungsroman, also known as a " coming-of-age story”, can be described as novel that conveys the introduction of the protagonist. The type of creation varies from a single definition or example to a new, but any kind of significant change in the character for the better is usually approved as a bildungsroman. Many readers and experts alike have got categorized the novel The Catcher inside the Rye by J. G. Salinger as being a bildungsroman. The novel is approximately Holden Caulfield, a teenage boy, that is being cared for at a mental institution (which is usually hinted by later inside the novel) although he recounts the events prior to him staying placed presently there. Most simply accept that the new is in fact a " coming-of-age” story , nor give the topic a second believed, but a vintage so commonly read and discussed warrants a thorough analysis. After accomplishing this one may possibly agree the Catcher in The Rye is actually NOT a Bildungsroman. It is merely impossible to talk about it is at the time you take into account that Holden does not obviously mature from the beginning of the novel through to the finish. Holden's frame of mind, maturity, and/or mentality would not develop positively by the end from the novel; consequently , it is not a bildungsroman.

" IF YOU REALLY want to hear about it, the vital thing you'll probably want to know is in which I was born, and what my shitty childhood was just like, and how mother and father were entertained and all ahead of they had myself, and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don't feel as if going into it, if you want to be aware of the truth” (Salinger 1). From this initial sentence with the novel you can already guess that Holden is depressed and not a very upbeat personality. There are many examples of his negative, judgemental, and nasty attitude through the story. Holden is consistently focusing on the negative side of people and occasions. There are of course occasions where Holden sees the great and purity in people, such as when he meets the nuns, or if he is around the topic of kids, but these instances do not occur very often. Holden believes the majority of folks are " phonies”, a quality he are not able to tolerate. In the very last chapter is the final time Holden shows his general annoyance of folks. Holden claims, " Deb. B just isn't as bad as the remainder of them, although he retains asking us a lot of questions, too” (213). This estimate implies that Holden does not love that people certainly have concern for him and his well being, instead this individual sees all their attempts in a negative lumination.

Second, the growing old of a small or premature protagonist is a great example of a bildungsroman; Holden, however , would not mature at the conclusion of the story. He is still to have zero ambition or concerns pertaining to his foreseeable future. Holden has never had any kind of interest intended for education, without put any effort into his schoolwork. He has already been expelled by four prepare schools, in addition to the last part of publication holden shares how your dog is suppose to begin at a fifth shortly. He says, " THAT'S EVERY I'm going to let you know about. I could likely tell you what I did after I went house, and how I got sick and, and what school I am just suppose to venture to next fall season, after I step out of here, nevertheless I don't feel like it. I seriously don't. That stuff will not interest me personally too much now. A lot of people, specifically this one psychoanalyst guy they may have here, maintains asking if perhaps I'm going to apply myself after i go back to university next September. It's such a ridiculous question, i believe. I mean how will you know what you're going to do before you do it? The answer is you don't. I think I i am, but how do I know? I trust it's a silly question” (213). Holden clearly still has not any ambitions and goals; he has the same viewpoint in the education and future as he did in the beginning of his story.

Last but not least, as it becomes evident quite early in to the novel, Holden is...

Offered: Salinger, T. D. The Catcher in The Rye. Boston: Little, Dark brown, 1951. Produce.

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