project management

 project administration Essay

Evaluation Paper of Project Supervision

IIBM Start of Organization Management

Examination Paper

MM. 100

Task Management

Section A: Objective Type & Short Queries (30 marks)




It consists of Many choice and Short Note Type questions. Answer all the questions.

Component one provides 1 tag each and Part Two carries four marks every.

Part A single:

Multiple alternatives:

1 . Liquidation value from the firm's resources could be deemed as________________ a. The minimal wealth of shareholder

b. The ideal wealth of aktionar

c. The regular wealth of aktionar

d. Probably none

2 . If perhaps ‘P' end up being the initial expenditure, ‘I' end up being the interest rate and ‘T' be the timeframe for which funds are spent then interest earned will be______________ a. P*I/T

b. P*T/I

c. (P*I*T)2

deb. P*I*T

several. Following the over given conditions, compound Fascination be given by___________ a. P*(1+I)1/T

b. P*(1+I)T

c. (P*I*T)T

d. Cannot be calculated

4. Firms the hassle ‘Proactive Growth'?

a. Do constant strategic planning

b. Watch issues happening

c. Never plan but work on fortune

m. None

a few. ‘SPACE' stands for___________________

six. Increasing marketing expenditure leading to an increased market share is known as________________

a. Market development

n. Market transmission

c. Market expansion

m. Market expansion


IIBM Institute of Business Administration

Examination Newspaper of Task Management

six. If revenue after taxes is ‘A', depreciation be ‘B' and interest become ‘I' after that Interest cover ratio has by______________

almost eight. E-V rule is also called_____________

a. Suggest co variance rule

m. Mean difference rule

c. Mean change rule

d. None

on the lookout for. In case of in house generated money the opportunity cost to the company is____________ a. Zero

n. The financing rate

c. The asking for rate

g. None

10. ‘PERT' stands for__________________

Part Two:

1 .

Write a be aware on ‘Sinking Fund Payment'.

2 .

Identify between PERT and CPM Model?


What is ‘Capital Asset...

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