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MAP DISTORTION: Treaty of Tordesillas (1494)

A treaty between The country of spain and Italy to give away all the area of the globe outside of European countries (nonChristian land) Treaty led by Pope Alexander MIRE

Preceded by Inter Caetera Papal Half truths, issued on May 4, 1493. He came imaginary line and provided Spain the land towards the west Cape Verde Islands and England the area to the east of it.

– almost all lands found out west of the meridian 75 leagues (one league can be 3 miles or 5. 8 km) west in the Cape Inexperto Islands should certainly belong to Italy while new lands uncovered east of the line could belong to England – Complete New World was given to Spain; Africa and India to Portugal.

– The perimeter of the maneuver given to England by the papal bull was small.

This pontifical bull as well specified that most lands previously under the charge of a " Christian prince" would continue to be under that same control. King Steve II (the nephew of Prince Henry the Navigator) negotiated with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to move the line towards the west. Ruler John's rationale to Ferdinand and Isabella was that the Pope's line extends throughout the globe, thus limiting The spanish language influence in Asia.

 Treaty

determined in Summer 7, 1494.

– The country and Portugal met in Tordesillas, Italy and agreed upon a treaty moved the queue 270 crews west, to 370 leagues west of Cape Licencioso – The brand new line (located at about 46° 37') gave Italy more claim to South America but also provided Portugal with automatic control of most of the Indian Ocean.

 Portugal

wound up colonizing spots like Brazil in South America and India and Macau in Asia. Portuguese-speaking human population is a result of the Treaty of Tordesillas.

 Brazil's

Costa da prata Empire

Spanish Empire

Spanish-Portuguese Empire throughout their personal union (1581-1640)

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