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п»їQuestion 1: Some staff have been acquiring longer breaks and lunch hours than they are eligible for. The problem is getting worse. Write a memo reiterating company coverage on break time. Date: August 01, 2008

To: All Personnel

From: Mister. Neyaz Khan


Coverage and Preparing Division

CC: Mr. Javed Habib, Leader

Ms. Jorina Khanom, Vice Chairman


A report has demonstrated that some of employees take longer breaks and lunch break hours much more than company insurance plan. Policy and Planning Split has firmly recommended you to pay attention on following organization policy.

Coverage and Organizing Division restrictions require a minimum of a 30 minute uninterrupted meal period. This is planned for full-time employees and also applies to part-time employees who have work more than a four-hour daily schedule. The employee must be faraway from their workplace and clear of duty for the period of time. The lunch time endures from the period the employee leaves their work area until they return. The supervisor can approve optimum 45 tiny lunch times. В

The 20-minute break period can be optional for a lot of employees since prayer as well as others. Administrators can request employees to skip a rest period to be able to meet functional needs with the office. В

You happen to be requested to follow these recommendations strictly. In case you have any query about this matter please contact at Coverage and Preparing Division.

Thanks much to your assistance.

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