Company Extension Marketing Plan




Jennifer L. Scott

GB 530: Advertising Management

12 , 4, 2012

Brand Extension Marketing Plan for Snyder's-Lance Inc.

1 . Exec Summary

This marketing prepare forms the foundation for the development of an innovative cool product by Snyder's-Lance Inc. This analysis lets me outline the very best strategies to stick to for the achievement with the company's proper goals. " Pretzel Abobodas” will be advertised as a unique flavored pretzel that goals the Mexican consumer, when striving to strengthen the company's focus on wanting to sink into the Asian market. The marketing strategies will hopefully permit our company to reach a market scale an estimated two, 000, 1000 Hispanic Buyers (targeted) with forecasted revenue growth prospective customers of five per cent over the next 3 years ($450, 000 profits), while fulfilling the demands if the unserved market of shoppers. Success will probably be reflected by a sizeable record of market shares through this market, although strategically placing the company as being a market innovator in the saline snacks segments of the industry. Company Information

Snyder's-Lance companies and market segments snack foods throughout the United States and internationally. You’re able to send products include pretzels, meal crackers, french fries, cookies, little torta chips, cafe style crackers, nuts and also other snacks. Snyder's-Lance has making facilities in North Carolina, Philadelphia, Iowa, Indiana, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, Kentkucky, and Ontario, Canada. Items are sold under the Snyder's of Hanover, Puncture, Krunchers!, Shawl Cod, Jays, Grande, Tom's, EatSmart Naturals, Archway, O-Ke-Doke, Padrinos, and Stella D'oro brand names together with a number of plr and third party brands. Products are given away widely through grocery and mass merchandisers, convenience stores, golf club stores, meals service stores and other channels. Pretzel Abobodas will bring an entirely unique saline snack knowledge to their consumers. It can present on its own as a healthier snacking alternative to consumers whilst providing the truly amazing taste of authentic Abobodas, which is a top Hispanic flavour preference. The strategic function of Pretzel Abobodas can be centered on three objectives: * To be the marketplace leader in innovative item introductions and successful merchandise launches 5. To strengthen and satisfy the requirements of Hispanic consumers and families 5. To become the industry leader in the functional salty snacks category with increased industry shares Situational Analysis

The U. S. Hispanic populace is the largest minority segment and is developing at a dramatic level towards cultural plurality, which includes already took place in the most populated states and it is beginning to take place among the U. S. baby population. The near future U. H. economy depends on Hispanics by virtue of demographic transform and the cultural and ethnical shifts likely to accompany their particular continued growth. Hispanics demonstrate distinct item consumption habits and are not really buying in ways that are just like the total marketplace. In predictions of foreseeable future consumption expansion, the Asian share is significantly greater than that of non-Hispanics. The evidence pertaining to the distinctiveness and sustainability of Mexican culture is usually convincing and implies an upcoming American culture with a strong Hispanic flavor preference. Snyder's Of Hanover Pretzels give a healthy snacking option for customers. There are many kinds and flavors of pretzels across the U. S. industry but there were no flavours produced intended for the Hispanic Market. installment payments on your 1 Market Summary

My personal target client group is the Hispanic Market. The Snyder's of Hanover Brand is a nationally identified brand amongst American People. Snyder's Pretzels dominate market share and the numbers continue to grow. While the amounts do continue to grow, the Hispanic Industry has some wonderful potential since we have certainly not been able to...

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