Fin 534 Assignment 1 Financial Research

Running mind: SPRINT NEXTEL

Sprint Nextel Corporation – Financial Examination

Dennecia M. Carter

Finances 534: Economical Management

Dr . Elias Konwufine

Strayer School

December 12, 2011

Sprint Nextel Corporation (Sprint) was founded in 1899, designed in 38, is a keeping company, using its operations primarily conducted by its subsidiaries. The company can be headquartered in Overland Playground, Kansas. Run offers an extensive range of interaction services getting mobility to consumer, business and authorities customers. Run Nextel is widely recognized for developing, engineering and implementing innovative systems, including two robust wifi networks supplying industry leading mobile data services; instant national and foreign walkie-talkie functions; and a great award-winning and global Tier 1 Internet backbone. The company operates in two business segments: Wireless and Wireline. Sprint offers wi-fi and wireline voice and data tranny services to subscribers in most 50 claims, Puerto Lujoso and the Usa State's Virgin Islands. You can actually retail brands include Sprint, Nextel, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobil, Peace of mind Wireless and Common Pennies SM upon networks that utilize third generation (3G) code split multiple get (CDMA), countrywide push-to-talk included digital enhanced network (iDEN), or net protocol (IP) technologies. It also offers next generation (4G) services making use of worldwide interoperability for micro wave access (WiMAX) technology through its portable virtual network operator (MVNO) wholesale romance with Clearwire Corporation and its subsidiary Clearwire Communications LLC (Clearwire). Since December 23, 2010, Sprint 4G was available in 71 markets reaching more that 110 mil people. Sprint's corporate structure is as uses:

Sprint Nextel Corporation (KS) – Marketing communications

• Sprint Capital Corporation (MO) - -

• Nextel Marketing communications, Inc. (VA) – Marketing communications

• Nextel Partners, Incorporation. (WA) – Communications

• UbiquiTel Incorporation. (PA) – Communications

• iPCS, Inc. (IL) – Communications

u iPCS Wireless, Inc. (IL) - --

o Ecart Personal Communications, Inc. (OH) - --

o Bright Personal Sales and marketing communications Services LLC (OH) -- - • US Unwired Inc. (LA) – Marketing and sales communications

• IWO Holdings, Inc. (NY) -- -

• Alamosa Loge, Inc. (TX) – Marketing communications

o Alamosa (Delaware), Incorporation. (VA) - -

um AirGate PCS, Inc. (VA) - -

• Virgin USA, Inc. (NJ) – Communications

• Pin Drop Insurance, Limited – Non-NAIC Rein Cprty

• Clearwire Corporation (WA) – Marketing communications

o Clearwire Communications, LLC (DE) - -

Sprint provides wireless providers to members primarily throughout the ownership of its CDMA and iDEN networks or as a reseller of 4G services. The CDMA network uses a one frequency band and a digital spread-spectrum cellular technology. The corporation provides countrywide service through a combination of working its own digital network in the us metropolitan areas and rural hooking up routes, affiliations under business arrangements with third-party affiliates and running around on other providers' sites. Sprint's iDEN network is usually an all-digital packet data network-based about iDEN cellular technology furnished by Motorola Flexibility, Inc. and Motorola Alternatives, Inc (Motorola). The company competes with AT& T Wireless, T-Mobile, Metro PCS Communications, Inc., Leap Wireless Intercontinental, Inc. and TracFone Cellular. Sprint supports the open up development of applications and articles on its network systems. It also allows various third-party providers, location-based services, and business and consumer item providers through its open-device initiative, also known as its machine-to-machine initiative. The machine-to-machine initiative incorporates selling, marketing, product development and operations resources to cope with growing non-traditional...

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