Western european Collective Identity

European Journal of Social Theory


A Theory of Collective Identity Making Impression of the Controversy on a 'European Identity'

Klaus Eder

Western european Journal of Social Theory 2009 12: 427

DOI: 10. 1177/1368431009345050

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European Journal of Cultural Theory 12(4): 427–447

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A Theory of Group Identity

Producing Sense from the Debate

over a ‘European Identity'

Klaus Eder

H U M B O M D Capital t U D I V E L S We T Y, B Electronic R L I N


This content argues for the robust notion of collective identity which is not reduced to a psychological conception of id. In the first part, the debate for the concept of id raised by simply several creators is taken up critically together with the intention of defending a powerful sociological getting pregnant of identity which by simply definition is actually a collective identity. The basic presumption is that communautaire identities happen to be narrative improvements which permit the control of the boundaries of the network of actors. This kind of theory can then be applied to the situation of European countries, showing just how identity markers are used to control the restrictions of a common space of communication. These kinds of markers happen to be bound to tales which those within these kinds of a space of communication discuss. Stories that hold in their narrative structures cultural relations provide projects of control. Countrywide identities depend on strong and exclusive testimonies. Europeanization (among other seite an seite processes at the global level) opens this kind of space of boundary buildings and offers chances for countrywide as well as subnational as well as transnational stories rivalling with each other to shape Western european identity assignments. The EU – this can be the hypothesis – provides a case in which different sites offer competing opportunities to continue older stories, to get started on new reports or to importance old stories from other sites, thus setting up a narrative network on top of the network of social contact that situation the people in Europe jointly. European identity is therefore to be developed as a narrative network embedded in an appearing network of social associations among the people living in European countries.

Key words

в– collective personality в– Western european identity в– narrative evaluation в– network analysis в– sociological theory


DOI: 10. 1177/1368431009345050

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European Log of Social Theory 12(4)

Identity: A Contested Idea

Collective id has been at the centre of attention in societies that had been formed during the making of the nation-state. The nation, however , has not been an exclusive focus. Collective identity can equally label cities, to regions, or groups just like political functions or even interpersonal movements. For a long time, collective identity has also been a concern with regard to Europe where public debate is increasingly concerned with the problem of your European personality that is seen as lacking or perhaps as necessary. Yet why perform societies, groups and even a union of nationstates such as the EU want an identification? For a person, an id allows these to be acknowledged as something particular vis-Г -vis other folks. But how come do teams, up to the country and even transnational phenomena including the EU, need an identity? The...

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DOI: 10. 1177/1368431009345050

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this sociological use refers to sociable relations, any type of identity through definition cultural. Individuals and nations inside the society all of us live in amount to the two

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