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1 . How do traditional conservatives plus the New Correct differ within their views of society? (Jan 02) Classic conservatives believe in an organic society, arguing that society is the most suitable understood as being a living business rather than an artefact or machine. Between the implications with this view will be that social change should be resisted unless it is 'natural'; that classic institutions ought to be preserved due to their role in sustaining the social complete; that contemporary society is more important than the people or groups who create it since the whole is somewhat more than a assortment of its individual parts; that duty and social responsibility are essential in protecting the fragile fabric of contemporary society; and that structure is a great unavoidable characteristic of world.

In comparison, the generous New Right's view of society is of atomistic individualism, reflected in the Benthamite or Thatcherite belief that there is none in the world as culture only the those who compose this. This watch implies that persons are more important than society; that each rights and freedoms is going to take priority over duties and social obligations; that cultural institutions are merely instrumental in this they are fashioned through contractual agreements to be able to satisfy common interests; and that society ought to be characterised simply by equality of opportunity, enabling individuals to go up and fall season on the basis of worth.

The conservative New Right, on the other hand, subscribes into a traditional, organic and natural view of society. Key discriminating elements include the strength of the conceptual distinction between organicism and individualism; the extent where the significance of the two views happen to be highlighted; and whether or not guide is made to dissimilarities between neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism.

2 . Why, and to what extent, perform conservatives worth tradition? (Jun 02) Conservatives value custom for a number of reasons, including that it supplies the surest guide to action, staying 'tried and tested' by history; that it engenders balance and rootedness because it is familiar; and that this reflects The lord's will, being an expression of natural law.

Yet , the generous New Proper rejects traditions, in that this believes in reason and seems towards radicalism, although the conservative New Proper re-emphasises the importance of custom, especially in the type of traditional ideals. Level a few responses will show an awareness of at least two aides and will reliably address the void of 'extent', particularly in relation to neo-liberalism.

A common question. Couple of candidates who have attempted this kind of question were not able to at least recognize the 'tried and test' by record justification of tradition. The extent that they did so by showing insight into old-fashioned ideas and beliefs different considerably, even so. Sound to good candidates developed aides by reference to themes just like organicism, personal security and social steadiness. However , few responded regarding 'extent' by undertaking a full discussion of the implications of New Right for traditions. The neo-conservative view was often better explained than the neo-liberal watch, only strong candidates recognising that neo-liberalism is anti-traditional because it draws on rationalist hypotheses and presumptions.

3. Why possess conservatives terrifying moral and cultural diversity? (Jan 03) The traditional fear of meaningful and ethnic diversity can be rooted in assumptions about society and human nature. Pertaining to conservatives, world has an organic and natural character in that the whole much more than the variety of its individual parts. Society is therefore bound jointly by a fragile network of relationships and institutions. Purchase and stableness within this kind of societies is definitely promoted by shared principles and one common culture; ethical and social diversity consequently threaten conflict and even cultural breakdown. Furthermore, as people are limited and based mostly creatures,...

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