A band-aid is Not Enough


A Band-Aid is Not Enough Article

Christina Buynak

Bryant & Stratton College

Intro to Health Care

Doctor Sullivan

Aug 3, 2013

Being that I use worked inside the health care field for over 8-10 years I have certain anticipations when it comes to patient care. Within my career I've been awarded several patient proper care awards and possess had patients tell not simply my head registered nurse manager, however the director of nursing that " the type of care Christina has presented me is a lot like the kind of treatment that I would acquire from my very own daughter”. In my opinion in taking care of patients very much the same as I could care for my own, personal loved one.

?nternet site have mentioned in the dissertation A Carrot, an Egg, and a Cup of Coffee, I possess had the misfortune of experiencing three miscarriages. Part of what made the second miscarriage so hard was what I experienced while in search of medical treatment. I believe that the events that happened added to the emotional injury that I was already experiencing. The behaviors from the various personnel that I came across will be a thing that I will remember.

I was thirty-two years old at that time. I, two weeks prior to my own encounter, found out that I was pregnant to get the third period. I woke up early that morning and went about business because normal. This wasn't before the early afternoon when I had begun to spot. Due to the fact that I had already knowledgeable one, I managed to get a painful feeling which i was certainly having another miscarriage. I called my hubby immediately and asked him to leave work as soon as he quite possibly could to ensure that he could meet me at the emergency department(ED). My spouse and i live about forty minutes away from the medical center in which I actually seek all medical care, nevertheless I remember this kind of drive seemed to take a lot longer than that.

When I arrived at the ED I actually checked together with the patient get representative, and to be honest, I cannot remember what her demeanor was like. There is no paperwork for me to complete as I only had to show them my recognition and insurance card. As I made my own way through the waiting place I read a woman call my term. I had not even made my personal way to a seat inside the waiting location when they referred to as me again, which honestly made me think as though things were gonna be okay because I had been going to be viewed so quickly. This woman is someone who I will remember. Right from the start I could inform something was wrong with her; if it was that she was having a bad day, the girl did not like her task, or was burnt-out, I can tell. The girl had a negative attitude and her body gestures reflected that well since she usually had her hands on her hips. In addition, she never built eye contact or perhaps smiled at me. Once i approached her, she by no means greeted myself, just explained and aimed " this kind of way”. The lady obtained my vital signs and then asked my weight, even though I was sitting correct next into a scale. I told her I was unsure because my fat had been forward and backward because of the last two pregnancies. The lady then basically yelled by me asking me just how and how come I did not understand my excess weight. She then led myself back to my room and said that I had formed to wait by the door since it was filthy. During this time a nurse, my nurse, passed me a dress and told me to obtain undressed. I think to myself, where? The first registered nurse changed the linens around the bed and told me to get in. We told her I would appreciate it if the bed was at-least wiped down of course, if it would be feasible, to remove this nasal cannula from the prior patient, that was covered around the pickup bed rail. This kind of infuriated her, she thrown her eyes and told me that it didn't matter in the event the bed was not cleaned as it was the IMPOTENCE and bacteria are up; this is the way we do things right here. My nurse had appear in at that time plus the other doctor informed him that I was giving her a hard time. My nurse took on me and said” I told you to set the gown on”. I then stated " no, this is silly, you guys are trying to place me within a dirty room”. They both equally told me that there were no ...

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