An Essay On Life From The Male Whose Death Encouraged A Movement

Essays About Life Changing Experiences

The following blog was shared with The Huffington Post wife of the late Shalin Shah, by Frances Chen. This bit organizes my thoughts on several ideas and can someday aid me accept the functions of the world, be it even the purpose of death or aging. Define your daily life and set it to excellent use performing what you want to do. Death removes the old and makes room for your fresh, as Stevejobs claims.

Lifestyle is inside things' fantastic program, definitely pointless and, finite and pointless. Our reply: Given this all, you have to overlook the odds of your lifestyle along with the ramifications of life itself. With all this, you have two possibilities: have a negative, ineffective view towards living or take a constructive, meaningful view.

This piece organizes my ideas on many ideas and can someday enable me recognize the universe's workings, be it aging or even death's purpose. Define your life and set it to superior use performing what you would like to do. As Stevejobs suggests, demise makes space for the new and removes the outdated.

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